Sunday, December 30, 2012


29. I just turned it.... next is 30. I want to be a great 30. I have accepted that I am no longer as young and vibrant and wild as some may be in their youth. I am not (nor have I ever been) part of the party croud. I think 30 will suite me. It really probably always has. I fit in better here. A mother and wife. I am happy here-- probably for the first time I am content in my age.


I want to be a great mother and wife. I want to be the kind of woman that doesn't really exist much in todays world. You know... that "lady" in the ads. I want to be Joan Cleaver.  :)  (maybe just a little more oppinionated)
30 does mark where you become "that woman in the grocery store". You are officially "mam". I am going to embrace 29 and use it to prepare myself to be a great lady. I want to be a wonderful cook. You know.... I want my kids to remember Mom's potato salad. My husband to think no one cooks better than I do. For my children to crave a home cooked meal when they do eventually go off to college. I want them to remember the little things I do with them that makes me Mom. It will take a while to build my arsenal. But I will be domestic. I can feel it.
Doesn't that girl look an aweful lot like Addison? Haha! Join me as I spend the next year finding recipes for the best food possible. Ones to write home about. And make and attempt to find my style again. It is so easy to lose yourself in your children. I don't want to be the woman who let herself go all of her life. It has been long enough. That is one thing about all of those Ad girls... They were always put together.

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